​I love helping entrepreneurs figure out what to do next. 

I love the drive and passion they have and helping them to achieve their dreams. I love looking at their business from the outside in and creating a roadmap for success.


I love watching the transformation from overwhelmed to planful. That Google rabbit hole you keep getting stuck in is one of my favorite places. I am continuously fascinated by the way the world works and the tools that are available to us.


It took me many attempts at figuring it out before I realized where I really wanted to be.

I spent years trying new professions, creating new businesses and educating myself. It wasn't until I sat still long enough to hear my inner voice that I was able to discover what I was born to do.


I loved creating my own business and building a following. I loved figuring out what needed to be done and how to do it so I could have a successful business. I loved looking at the finances, studying social media and I feel incredibly fulfilled in helping others succeed. Once that became clear, I knew what I had to do.

Sure, I have a bunch of valuable credentials: an MBA from Columbia Business School, IPEC Coaching certification, and years in various industries including technology and even restaurants. All that helps but it doesn't really tell you 'about' me.


I started Suite Solutions by Karen because I wanted others to learn from the challenges and learnings I had in my last business (The Divorcierge). I am super excited to start every day and to watch others find joy in their business. 

Looking forward to joining you on your Entrepreneurial journey!