5 steps to get visibility for your small business

Building brand awareness is my single biggest challenge right now. My business is brand new and I’m known for completely different expertise (my previous business was in divorce management). I’ve written about how I decided to move into business consulting. Now I need to figure out how to succeed at it.

The obvious way to get visibility for your small business is to put yourself on social media. Getting visible on social media is another beast to tackle. I’ll tackle the idea of ‘putting your company on social media.’ The very words are intimidating. In order to be effective at using social media, you first have to have an understanding of how it works. It used to be that simply posting frequently might’ve helped your standing or ranking. Today, because the digital world is so crowded, simply posting a lot doesn’t make much sense.

Your Social Media Strategy must encompass the following:

1. Goals for what you’re trying to accomplish (engagement, visits to your website, sign-ups for your webinar).

2. Know where your ideal target audience lives. If you’re looking for business consultants (in my case), focusing entirely on Instagram would be less likely to yield any results than LinkedIn. If you have a consumer product, on the other hand, Instagram is a must.

3. Once you’ve determined the channel you’re going to use, you have to figure out what you’re going to use for content. Ideally, you want a combination of written, video, and graphics (such as an infographic).

4. In terms of creating the content, you likely want to pick a few generalized topics of interest and then hone in specifics. For example, a piece of content in the category of Social Media that focuses on one channel like Facebook.

5. Finally, you’ll have to create a posting schedule and post. As you create your posting calendar, look for the best times to post and engage in the specific channel you focused on.

Now that you’ve created your social media strategy and content, how do you get seen?

1. Engagement is the most important step in using and succeeding in the world of Social Media. Yet even engagement is more than just liking and sharing. You must spend some time each day commenting and generating conversations with other members.

2. Share expert content with a comment to your audience.

3. Post something that provokes controversy. You don’t want to get political or angry, however, a novel idea that would cause people to think is a great way to get noticed.

4. Use long-tail keywords in your postings. This tactic is for Search Engine Optimization. Even though you’re posting on Social Media, what you post affects your visibility in Google searches.

5. Post useful content often and then promote what you post.

As I’m learning, it’s a slow process but remember, “slow and steady wins the race.”

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