5 Ways to Attract an Audience (hint: great content!)

Growing your business takes time and effort. People buy from those they trust which means you’re going to have to build trust in your community before you can even get to your sales pitch.

Research shows that it takes 9 to 15 touches before a client actually buys. What can you do to improve your odds?

1. Create useful content. Everyone is looking for that ‘one thing’ that will differentiate them. Offering them some new perspective or a new idea that they hadn’t thought about will spark them to look into more of your content.

2. Vary the content you create. My preferable content to create is written. For others, it may be video. Whether you use one piece of content that you split into different mediums (a blog post on your website, a quote on Instagram, an excerpt on LinkedIn), changing it up makes it more likely that someone will keep coming back.

3. Be creative. The truth is, most viewers don’t spend much time on any of it so make it visually appealing. An Infographic, using Gifs within the post, a great photograph with a quote. You want something to catch the eye.

4. Bring people to your website with a valuable giveaway. An ebook, a webinar, a checklist, whatever it is, by collecting a prospective client’s email, you now have permission to continue to engage with them.

5. Reach out to prospects personally without selling them anything. Connect with them on LinkedIn about something they posted. Offer to have a 15-minute phone call to get to know each other. Be clear that you’re growing your network, not looking for a sale. You’re much more likely to get a response that way.

With the right strategy and some patience, you will get there, one connection at a time.

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