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Stop creating excuses for not creating content!

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about how to blog, how to create content, 5 steps to writing good blogs, how to start a blog etc. Every version of the topic has been covered in one form or another. The bottom line is that the biggest reason your content isn’t getting found is because you’re not creating it.

There are several reasons this might be happening.

1. Lack of time. It’s true, creating any kind of content takes time. Ask yourself how much time you spend checking your email or Instagram during the day, better yet time yourself. The iPhone has a handy timer for those purposes. Imagine you took all that time and devoted it to writing or creating videos?

2. Fear of being seen. You know the expression, careful what you wish for? How many times have you thought about what “everyone” would think about your post? I know this is a double-edged sword but, the truth is, most people won’t see your content (at first) and if they do, they’re not likely to spend too much time on it. That gives you a chance to get over your fear.

3. There’s so much noise on the internet, what’s the point? The flip side of number 2 is that you can get seen with the right strategy. A sure-fire way? Be controversial. There’s no better way to get noticed than to say something that other people might be thinking but not saying, or perhaps your opinion is the opposite of the majority, why not explain your position? My favorite podcast “Everyone Hates Marketers” is a great example of contrarian positions. Its very title makes you want to learn more.

4. I’d have to create so much content before I’ll get discovered. True, it may take a while, however, all it takes is 1 really great piece of content and you could spark a movement. My client Lindsey Ellison wrote an article for the Huffington Post six years ago that got so many interactions she built an incredibly successful business around it.

5. You hate creating content. I get it, I’ve been there. You’re a lawyer, baker, software consultant, the very idea of creating content makes you go to the dentist. The good news is that there are hundreds if not thousands of people who will create it for you. Check Upwork, Fivrr, ContentCucumber. There are so many people looking for work right now you’ll have plenty of options at reasonable prices.

Now that you've run out of excuses, what are you waiting for?

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